Remote Design Sprints

Working remotely can be tough. Collaborating together even though being physically apart. Doing creative and productive work from home, with all the distractions that come with it. Let alone workshopping and running Design Sprints.

As a small but global company, we, at Go Weekly, know what it's like to work with remote teams. Therefore, we offer a unique remote Sprint experience. Using state-of-the-art tooling and a flexible state of mind. Together, we'll accelerate innovation from home.

  How it works

What makes a remote Sprint special.

The Design Sprint is a fast and condensed way to solve digital business challenges in only five days, using design, prototyping and feedback from real customers. We apply the mindset of Design Sprints to a selection of tailored Go Weekly Sprints on Strategy, Concept and Teams. Transforming a Sprint — which is usually an intense effort conducted by a small team that's in the same room — into a remote affair keeps most of its mindset while adapting the process to digital interaction between team members.

Comparing a regular to a remote Design Sprint.

Which core principles remain the same?

  • Accelerate with a time-constrained process.
  • Involve a small multi-disciplinary team.
  • "Work together alone" to avoid group think.
  • Create tangible product experiences.
  • And validate with real users.

How is a remote Sprint different?

  • We tailor the steps and exercises of the Sprint to match a lower online attention span.
  • We mimic interpersonal interaction in a digital environment by using state-of-the art tools.
  • We prepare and train you and your team to make the most out of remote workshops.
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This is what you'll need for a remote Sprint.

Where a regular Design Sprint relies heavily on offline tools such as post-its, whiteboards and a creative space, its digital equivalent is built around online tooling. There are three areas that are essential to running a successful remote Sprint.

Seamless video conferencing

Being able to see the team is vital to having a meaningful conversation. We rely on Zoom for our video conferencing needs. With built-in scheduling, breakout rooms and crisp video quality.

Interactive digital workplace

During a Sprint, the team will build a collective brain using the room's walls as its database. With Miro, we have an online whiteboard with templates, which makes for an even more efficient Sprint.

The right mindset

Design Sprints benefit from an open mind. Moving that to an online environment asks for more personal discipline, flexibility and imagination. It's a team effort, even though you're not together.

  Run a remote Sprint

Get started. Run a remote Sprint with Go Weekly.

Remote Sprints can work at any type of organization. The process is very flexible and can adapt to different teams and needs. A good facilitator will make the most of your investment in this method.

At Go Weekly, we are Design Sprint experts. Running tailored remote Sprints at numerous international enterprises. Acting as a strategic partner by translating ideas into groundbreaking product concepts and validated digital prototypes. Are you ready to get started? Don’t wait any longer and schedule a quick chat to find out if our remote Sprints are the right solution for your challenge.

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